It’s Time for Indonesian People to Be Legal

A number of legal practitioners took the initiative to launch an application for assistance services called Jago Hukum. According to the CEO of Jago Hukum Christian Samosir, 80 percent of Indonesians are still legally illiterate. Not only that, he saw that many residents still had difficulty getting legal assistance. The causes can be many things, one of which is economic factors. Not to mention there is a tendency for people to feel indifferent, ashamed, or reluctant to complain about the legal problems they are experiencing. “For example, employment cases, immoral acts, marriage, to online loan matters,” said Christian. The presence of the Jago Hukum application, he continued, is a solution for people who crave consulting services at affordable prices.

This application is interactive for 1×24 hours. Furthermore, Jago Hukum is also an answer for legal practitioners who have not had the opportunity to contribute in an appropriate forum. “People need to know what their rights are in the eyes of the law. From what I have seen so far, people seem afraid. In their minds, paying lawyers is a drain,” Christian explained in a release at the launch of the Jago Hukum application, in his official statement. According to him, the Jago Hukum application can be a solution for those who want to get legal aid services, from all walks of life indiscriminately. In addition to interactive chat features and video calls, the application with the tagline ‘Laws for All’ offers pro bono services or free for people who want to know their legal rights.


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