Can I (Legal Practitioner) arrange a flexible schedule to receive online consultations?

The answer is of course you can. In the Jago Hukum application, Practitioners can make schedules as flexible as possible by:

  • Log in to the Legal Practitioner account on the Jago Hukum application.
  • You will see the toggle that serves to indicate whether you are able to receive an online consultation in person or not. By default, this toggle will be online if you have registered as a Legal Practitioner.
  • You can press the toggle if you only want to get an online consultation with only “Buat Janji” by the user. The result is that the toggle will display “Offline”.
  • Go to the Profile menu and select the “My Schedule” menu. (If you are confused where the Profile menu is, you can see it here)
  • You will see the front of the schedule which will be determined later.
  • You will see the main view of the schedule that will be determined later.
  • Set the schedule according to what you want.
  • For an explanation of the intent of scheduling a consultation appointment and online offline according to the schedule, you can click the “i” icon which will display the explanation.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully arranged your consultation schedule. The Service User will place an order based on the schedule that you have set.

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