I want to file a lawsuit or subpoena, can it be done here?

In addition to providing online and scheduled consultations, Jago Hukum provides other services, namely Legal Services that will handle many things, namely Summons, Legal Efforts for Lawsuits, Notary Deeds/Authentic Deeds, Transfer of Names to Land Rights, IPOs, Trademark Registrations and others.

To use this legal service you must previously have a verified Jago Hukum account. Then you can then follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Legal Services section.
  • Select the type of service required.
  • Make sure the address that has been detected matches your location because the practitioner will be displayed according to the address that has been selected.
  • Select a practitioner who is online then click “Order Document”, then select the legal service product you need and continue by selecting a payment method. Once everything is done, click “Confirm”.
  • Wait for the legal practitioner to receive your legal service order, then make the payment and start consulting services.

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