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Guide to activating and determining rates for online consultation & legal services

Jago Hukum provides a place for Legal Practitioners to provide online consultation via chat or video calls as well as legal services such as Summons, Company Regulations, Patent Registration, Deed of Sale and Purchase, Corporation Action, Waarmeking and many more. To activate and determine these rates, you must have a verified Legal Practitioner account then follow the next steps below.

Online Consultation

  • Go to the Profile menu then click “Service Rates”.
  • Select “Online Consultation”.
  • Select the type of consultation to be activated.
  • Click the toggle ON in “Enable Legal Services?”.
  • Set the desired rate then click “Save”.

Legal Services

  • Go to the Profile menu then click “Service Rates”.
  • Select “Legal Services”.
  • Choose the legal services that will be available to you.
  • Click the plus button in the lower right corner to add a product to the selected legal service.
  • Fill in the fields that describe your legal service product.
  • If the steps provided by default are still lacking, you can add another step by “Add Legal Services Steps” and fill in the required fields and click “Save”.
  • After completing all the required data entry, you can save the product by clicking the “Save” button.

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